Origin​ Story

Let me tell you how it all began.

In 2015, I was on sabbatical. While I liked to think of myself as a generally money-wise person, I was acutely aware I had been making big financial decisions (buying a house, taking the no-pension retirement option, taking a full year sabbatical) with guesstimates and napkin math. Approaching mid-age and mid-career, it was time to get serious about the trajectory of my financial and professional life.

While on sabbatical I discovered the Bogleheads forum, Mr. Money Mustache, and the White Coat Investor. With the luxury of sabbatical, I had the time to gorge on these and other websites, as well as various books.

I found there are lots of great resources out there. I also found that none quite matches the needs of teachers, academics, and researchers. We have a combination of a delayed career start, student loans, and average incomes which makes finances a challenge. But we’re also blessed with flexible schedules, career self-direction, sabbaticals, and a job we can do for years and years (we’re not digging ditches, after all!).

And then there is our secret weapon: our smarts. We’re good at learning things, are willing to work hard, and are skilled at playing the long game. For people like us, becoming wealthy in our finances, career, and life is well within reach.

This blog is a place for people to share the knowledge which will get us to our goals. I hope you’ll join us.

Image from the Met Museum

- Henry

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