About Henry:

I’m a tenured faculty member in a STEM department at a large public university. Some years ago I realized I didn’t know nearly enough about personal finance and decided that needed to change.

Thanks to my ignorance, I made all sorts of mistakes. Thanks to my natural tendencies, I also got a lot of things right. Now that I’m armed with knowledge, I’m confident I’m on track to reach my goals. That knowledge plus a long bull stock market means I’m on track to retire in my mid-fifties.

The DoW Mission:

The goals of Degree of Wealth are three-fold:

  • To help educators and researchers take control of their financial and professional life. As smart people who are devoted to advancing and sharing knowledge, they should have access to the information, career satisfaction, and wealth they deserve.
  • To build a community of like-minded folks who can help each other (and me!) reach their goals, and share what they know with friends and colleagues at their home institutions.
  • As an outlet for my entrepreneurial energies. This website is for-profit and I hope for it to cover its costs and, eventually, turn a profit. Pages may include affiliate links, sponsors, and the like, but the editorial content will always be independent of these. See the Disclaimers for further details.


All are welcome here at the Degree of Wealth. We’re building a community of educators and researchers who help each other achieve their goals in personal finance, investing, career development, and all things related to professional success.

By “educators and researchers” I mean K-12 teachers, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and researchers in the public and private sector. And, of course, this also includes undergraduate students, family members, and anyone who has an interest in those who in work in education and research

This is meant to be a friendly and supportive community of like-minded folks. Take what you find useful; ignore the rest. I hope you’ll find Degree of Wealth worth your time, and you’ll join us in helping educators and researchers build the wealth they deserve!

The single most valuable thing you can do is to share what you learn here at DoW with your friends and colleagues. Even better, invite them to join us! They’ll be glad you did!

- Henry